Horton Historic Vehicle Club

From 20’s to 2000’s is our unofficial motto

Horton Historic Vehicle Club

(founded 1999)

From 20’s to 2000’s is the unofficial motto of our long established club. In other words, everyone and every type of vehicle is welcome. Although we have ‘historic’ in our title, we are quite liberal in our interpretation of that word, so if you have any kind of interesting vehicle, or any kind of interest in them, then you will feel at home.

Members’ cars range from a 1923 Model T right through to MX5s and everything in between! It’s not just about cars of course – some of our members have trucks and motorcycles as well, but the cars make up the majority of the interest.
As well as our monthly club nights, in normal times we organise days out (we usually start the year with a run on Drive-it day) attracting a wide variety of vehicles. All kinds of other activities take place including talks, quizzes, magazine swops etc. The main thing is we keep it fun, friendly and welcoming.
Our club has the great benefit of being part of the Horton Social Club and the excellent club premises with beer at the lowest price you will find outside of a supermarket. The premises belong to the village and are available for any event. On most club nights we have it mainly to ourselves.

The club meets every third Wednesday of the month (see Events page). In the ‘summer’ months we tend just to bring our cars along and chat outside in the car park from around 7:30pm.
From October to April, we organise speakers, film nights and quizzes.

Anyone with an interest in any type of classic or historic vehicle is welcome – so come along and enjoy a beer and a chat – there’s always a real ale on tap!

Annual membership is £15-£20, which includes membership of the Social Club.

The club is a long standing member of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of our events – you will be made welcome!

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Club History

Horton Historic Vehicle Club was started on the 15th September 1999 by Horton village resident, Tony Faithfull, with Brian Gallett and Nick Quinlan from Yate. Their idea was to start a club where people could join with all sorts of historic vehicle. At the time, other clubs only catered for specific vehicle types ie cars, commercials, motorcycles etc. They believed a club which catered for ‘everything’ seemed a great idea so approached Horton Social Club which agreed to let the club hold meetings there.

The word was spread and at the first meeting 28 people showed up. It was unanimously decided to christen the club the ‘Horton Historic Vehicle Club’ and everyone was keen to get the club up and running.
The original club officers were Tony Faithfull as chairman, Nick Quinlan as secretary, Jean Gallett (Brian’s wife) as treasurer and Brian Gallett as vice chairman. It was also agreed all of those who attended that first night would be henceforth known as founder members.

The club had many good years with around 50 members, organizing runs which were so successful vehicles had to leave in in stages. One of the club’s original members, Pete Williams, (sadly no longer with us) loved to organise a run for commercial vehicles named the Great West Road Run open to lorries, cars, motorcycles and tractors. This was so popular there were too many vehicles to start from the club car park so it was moved to the truck stop on the A38 near Stroud. Two years later it had outgrown that site so the start was moved to Michaelwood services northbound where the club took over the truck park. In those days the club would finish the year with a Christmas party held in the club, which was always remembered as a great night.

Sadly, with the demise of some of the most active members, the club began to dwindle from around 2010. With his move to Horton at about that time, lifetime car enthusiast, John Moon, noticed the club’s plaque on the wall of the Social Club. Whilst intrigued, it took him a while to find out whether the club even still existed. Eventually John showed up on one of the 3rd Wednesdays the club has always met, probably in February 2015.

Finding Nick Quinlan, Brian Gallett (then chairman), Pete East, Brian Mills and Ivor Bryant as the only remaining members, John decided to see if he could revive the club. The setting up of a Facebook page on 16 July 2015 was the key to where the club is now. John used the page to attract new members and slowly and surely the interest began to grow. Speakers were invited to keep the members entertained over the winter and Ivor Bryant began organizing ‘runs’ in the warmer months.
John was unable to make the club’s AGM in January 2017, but despite this was proposed and voted in as chairman of the club! Despite not even volunteering for the position, John was more than happy to accept and has carried on since, helped by an ever-growing group of enthusiasts with a wide range of vehicles. In August 2019 the club held its first social meeting at a member’s home, Phil Lomas kindly volunteering to host, with music and a barbeque to keep everyone engaged and some nice cars to drool over.

Which is where we are today. Clearly, Covid-19 has severely restricted what the club is able to do, but as soon as it is possible, the club will be back to its successful formula and may well be already, depending on when you are reading this.

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Officials / Contact Information

Chairman : John Moon – hortonhistoricvehicleclub@gmail.com

Treasurer : Ivor Bryant – hortonhistoricvehicleclub@gmail.com

Membership secretary:  Phil Lomas – phil@lomasmail.co.uk

Other Contacts

Detailing, Ceramic Coatings and Valeting for vehicles of all ages

Phone: 07590 283 400

Email: lee @ autodetailingservices.co.uk

Web: Auto Detailing Services

Facebook: Auto Detailing Services

Location: Chipping Sodbury. BS37 6AA

From 20’s to 2000’s

Horton Historic Vehicle Club

Founded 1999